Old Race Boats will still flip you out!

Contact & Links List

We have added these contacts to help folks find needed parts and services to keep the sport alive and thriving. The contact information below is provided to help the novice get started in boat racing and for the seasoned racer to help him find needed parts and services. If someone would like to have his service listed here please forward the information to us and we will add it.

 1. American Power Boat Assn. is the largest sanctioning body for boat racing. It provides for every asset in boat racing from junior stock racing to the unlimited hydroplanes. The web site is http://www.apbaracing.com/

2. AOMCI is a national club dedicated to the preservation of antique outboard motors and sponsors numerous swap meets around the country. It’s a great place to meet folks interested in the classic outboards and a way of finding needed parts. Their web site is http://www.aomci.org/

3. A great place to go to discuss boat racing activities is a web site designed for the boat racer. Hydro racer has discussion forms that cover all aspects of boat racing. This is now owned by Alan van Weele. The web site is http://www.hydroracer.net

4. Another great web site is Ron Hills Boat Racing Facts which provides a forum to discuss all aspects of boat racing. There are also numerous technical discussions that one will may find of interest. The web site is http://www.boatracingfacts.com/home/index.html now owned by  Alan.

5. A very unique website has been created by Paul and Diane Christner. The site is dedicated to the preservation of the Quincy Looper racing outboard invented and built by O. F. Christner and his family. Their web site also provides a great place to view the history of outboard racing and has numerous ties to additional web sites. The site is http://www.quincylooperracing.us/

6. Antique outboard parts are generally hard to find but Old Mercs has made it easy to locate and buy the normal service parts required to keep the old Mercury Outboards going. The web site is for East Coast http://www.eastcoastmarineservice.com

7. If one is truly dedicated to the hobby of boat racing and engine restoration there is no better person in the country than Doug Kay. He is a master machinist and can prepare any level of engine modification required for your needs. We have several engines Doug has done and they are all outstanding. A Mercury Mark 50 restored by Doug, shown by Alan at the Wolverine Chapter of AOMIC fall meet (2008),  was awarded best of show. His mechanical work and finishing was really something to behold. His contact info is no longer available since on July 13, 2021 he left for the place of perpetual smooth water and no wind on Lake Paradise, rest in peace my friend.

8. Frank Erion is providing a much need supply of racing parts for the two cylinder Merc outboards with his reproduction parts for the A/B Quicksilver lower units.  Frank Erion can be reached at fderion@msn.com or 269-720-1337.

9. A helpful site with many knowledgeable contributors ready to answer you questions concerning Mercury outboards and provide insight into their development is Johns Old Mercury Site located at http://johnsoldmercurysite.com/.

10.  Doug Brooke of Vintage Outboard has an amazing number of NOS, Used and reproduction parts available for Mercury, Evinrude and Johnson outboard motors.  His web site is located at www.vintageoutboard.com. His contact info is 509-747-9960.