Old Race Boats will still flip you out!

Last updated 1/30/2023

Most of the items below can be ordered online at our store the address is  http://store.aeroliner-boats.com

New and Used Parts for Sale

We have purchased additional quantities above what we needed for the restoration of our engines and are offering those parts For Sale in our web store and on eBay.

Lets us know what part number you need and we will search our inventory for it.  We have sold most of our non racing parts.

To order parts email, call or mail a request to the information listed on our Contact Page. Most shipping will cost around $10.50 for the first item and one dollar per each additional item ordered.

All purchases delivered / picked up in Florida are subject  sales tax of 6.5%.

Roller Bearing, Mark 20H top of crank, P/N 31-20594


 This bearing has been impossible to find but we have a limited supply.  The wholesale price for these is now $137.16 plus shipping.

Price                                                                                        $49.95 plus S/H

25SS Drive Shafts

We have purchased a few New Old Stock 25SS drive shafts that we are now offering for sale.

Price                                                              $275.00 plus $25.00 Shipping

Corbin Clamps for Mark 20H /20 using the Carter Carb.

Sold in sets of six clamps, one for each end of the three fuel/pressure lines on the unconverted Mark 20H engine or Mark 20.

  Price                                     $7.00 per set, $3.00 shipping for up to 5 sets

   Recoil Starter Sheave Shaft Nut, Mercury P/N 11-20166


This is the left hand thread nut used on top of most Mercury engines from the Mark 10 on up to the Phantom Black engines for holding the starter sheave on the top cowl.  The Mark 30H and 55H racing engines use this nut.

Price           $2.50 plus $3.00 shipping or two for $4.00 plus $3.00 shipping


        See our web store for parts we have for sale.