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The Electromotive Ignition Systems point less ignition for the Mercury four cylinder Mod engines will eliminate the magneto and the need for those hard to find points.  The system will be capable of high RPM, higher spark voltage and greater reliability.  We currently have the electronic parts and are designing and constructing the installation kit for the system.  We have tested the system on a couple of our 40 &44 CI modified racing engines. The engine is very stable where before with a magneto engine RPM would oscillate a few hundred RPM at the higher range of revolutions we run these engines at.   Our feeling is to offer a complete package which has been tested in actual racing conditions.  Offering technical support and installation hardware hopefully will keep these engines running in the front of the pack.  We are also going to offer the parts needed for the system to those that wish to save some money and construct their own mounting hardware. Well the first racing results are in.  On May 17, 2014 the D Mod engine with the Aeroliner Electromotive Ignition won the first two heats of NBRA D Mod racing in 2014.  This was a short course so the brain was tuned for acceleration which it delivered with only a slight reduction in top speed.  We have now completed the testing and find satisfactory results and completed 12 engines running on this system.  The prices for the system vary depending upon component selection and the amount of installation you ask to be done.  Give Alan a call at 337-304-0379.

We have reproduced some of the parts needed to restore Quicksilver racing lower units. We hope to be able to furnish enough parts to be able to totally restore your unit. Following is a listing of the parts we have made. These parts are built just like factory original parts. The aluminum parts are made from 6061T6 grade stock.

These parts are for the Mercury Mark 20H, Mark 30H and Mark 55H.  The A/B parts will also work on the Mercury KG4H, KG7H, KG4Q and the KG7Q.

To order parts email, call or mail a request to the information listed on our Contact page.  Most shipping will cost around $9.50 for the first item and one dollar for each additional item ordered.

                  All purchases delivered or picked up in Florida are subject to a sales tax of 6.5%

                            Mark 30H  Driveshafts



Made from Mercury plans and checked against an NOS C shaft.  These are the standard Mark 30H shaft with the 16 mm 6202/16 bearing. This shaft has been called the Metric shaft due to the use of the larger bearing.

Price                               Mark 30H                                             $275.00

 We have a number of NOS 25SS shafts available, the price of these is $275.00 plus shipping and handling.  These can be made to 20H length. Also available are two early style 25XS shafts, 21.5 long as used on the 25SS conversion to the 25XS, price are each $275.00 plus shipping.

            Shipping to USA addresses including insurance for all shafts is $25.00 per shaft.

                Mercury Recoil Rope, KG4, KG7 and Mark 20


Recoil rope, Original style cloth wrapped with galvanized steel core wire.  Dyed wine color like original.

  5.5' with metal anchor pin                                                           $15.00  

           Bushed Cone Nut used on the Q Length Tower                  


This is an exact reproduction of the cone nut used on the KG4Q and KG7Q racing lower unit.  An  Oillite bushing has been installed that fits the OEM propshaft. Only one left, no further production will be made.

21875A1           A/B Bushed cone nut                                              $65.00


A-20902             A/B/C Propshaft Cone Nut                                     $50.00


A-21590             D Propshaft Cone Nut                                              $50.00


46-20905    A/B/C Water Pump Cover  (Bearing Carrier)   $50.00



        We have drilled the hole for the location pin on these carriers.

46-21587       D Water Pump Cover (Bearing Carrier)               $50.00

                                                                  (shown with seals and bearings installed)         


                                         Made from 6061 T6 alloy

46-20943A1               A/B/C Water Pump Cartridge                  $75.00


Made from 6061 T6 alloy, we even drilled the hole for the location pin used on the D cartridges.

46-21892            D Water Pump Cartridge                                      $85.00      


                             Water Pump "L" Ring used behind the cartridge 

12-21890              D Water Pump L Ring        New   $ 12.00, Used    $5.00

                   Mark 20H Conversion Spray Shield

 We have been making these spray shields for the Mercury Mark 20H Conversion since the early 1960's . The one pictured is on an engine we restored for a well known racer.  This version used a riveted design but the current model is a made from one piece of stainless steel.  The shield keeps spray out of the carb but still allows you to adjust the needle valves and use the choke.


      Price            Sold out                                                 $16.00 plus shipping



                                               Mark 20H Conversion Specific Gasket Set

 27-29508, 27-29509, 27-29502, 27-29504                                 $20.00

              Gaskets Two Cylinder Mercury Engines


                                                          Non conversion 20H

27-20536     Mark 20H, KG7H & KG4H Block to Manifold Gasket   $ 6.00


                                                               Block to Crankcase

27-21173           KG4-7,KE7,KF7,KH7,MK 15, 20 Gasket                   $ 4.75


27-20030             KG4H, KG7H, MK 20H, MK 30H, MK 55H            

       Single         $1.75             Two        $3.00                      Four           $5.00    


       27-20478             MK 20H and MK 55H 

                          Carb to Crankcase for both Carter N or KA7A                  $ 3.75


27-20501             MK 20H and MK 25

                Lower Bearing End Cap (Thin)                                                $4.00


27-20538          K Series engines, MK 20H,(Non Conv.) MK 15, MK 25

                 Exhaust Cover to Baffle                                                          $ 7.00


27-20642             MK 20H and MK 25                               

                           Power head to Lower Unit Mid Section                         $ 5.00


27-21173                       MK 20H and MK 25   Sold out

                         Crankcase to Engine Block                                                $ 4.75


27-21613            1939 to 1953 K Series engines

                    Power head to Lower Unit Mid Section                              $ 7.00


Harry Brinkman's manual on how to modify your Mercury for more horsepower is being published by Aeroliner Race Boats, LLC.  This is Manual Number 3, first published in 1994 by Harry Brinkman.  This treatise is the best of the best knowledge on this subject.  We have added a new chapter on modifying the 44 CI engine and retyped most of the text, added chapter headings, page numbers and an index making the manual easier to use.  We have also updated the vendors listed in the manual.

Price                                                                 $ 45.00 plus $10.50 shipping

Mercury Mark 20H, Description of an Unmolested Engine

This article shows and describes the exterior & power head of an unmolested Mark 20H   Included are many photos with a running explanation as the cowlings were removed for the first time. Part numbers, a full parts list, covers of the owners manual, owners envelope and a 1954 prices list are included.  A history of the 1959 conversion kits with a photo of the prototype exhaust, together with an explanation of the development by Charlie Strang, an interview with Jack Leek and the patent issued are part of the article.  We have added additional information regarding the factory assembly of converted 20H engines.  In all there are 81 pages with over 80 color photos. 

Price                                                                    $40.00  plus $10.50 shipping